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In the early 90's I began making the yearly trip from the whitetail woods of western New York to the mountain west to hunt elk and mule deer. I soon realized how vast and challenging the places these animals called home really was. I also learned that most hunters are in the vicinity of trails and access areas and most game is not. So to be successful, I had to get away from roads and trails. I ventured further into the mountains but I found myself avoiding areas that were to extreme (steep) or distant because I didn't have a good way to get the game back to camp. I looked into the options of arranging for a packer (horses) but it was expensive and a hassle. I also dreaded the many trips it took with a pack frame to load it on my back and get it to my vehicle. 

     There had to be a better way. I had a 4 wheeler but I knew it would be impossible to get it to the places I hunted. I needed something that had the power to go up hill, the brakes to go back down, and it had to be narrow and maneuverable to traverse the steep side hills and twisting game trails I encountered in the Rocky Mountains. After a lot of trial and error, several proto-types and years of testing I built a carrier that was compact and easy to transport to the hunting area.

     It was very maneuverable and could carry an entire elk that was quartered out in one trip. Most importantly, it carried the load at an extremely low center of gravity so it was easy to operate even with heavy loads. This made it possible to harvest game miles from roads and trails and haul it to my vehicle fast, easy and safely by myself.

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